Rifle Slings

You can carry tight or lose and get out of it in a blink. For bearing the weight of the big boomers, its great. I use it on my POF P-308 16.5″ and my LT OBR 18″; both are rigged up with optics, bi-pods and lights so you’re looking at 14+lbs as the poster above said. You’ll love this rifle sling after an hour in a field. I hear what you’re saying about the snap hook. Here’s what I did on my SA85M: I got the snap hook off the D-ring and threaded a leather rifle sling end for an SKS through the D-ring and front rifle sling loop. It was hard getting the leather strap through that little rifle sling loop but it can be done. This gives you a silent, non-marring rifle sling attachment. I may do the same thing on the Polish rifle sling I just got for my AMD. ezlife45

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